Whales, dolphins, sea otters and anchovies!

An incredibly fun, unique day trip from Carmel is a whale-watching trip out of Monterey Bay.

For normally-land-locked folks visiting the coast, a glimpse of one of the largest, most majestic mammals on the planet is breath-taking. You can catch whale trips from Monterey or from Moss Landing, where we recently jumped on board the High Spirits (http://BlueOceanWhaleWatch.com) and had an amazing 4-hour tour that discovered TONS (pun intended) of humpback whales lunge-feeding and breaching, dozens of California sea lions, a 5-foot-long Mola Mola (ocean sunfish), and a pod of about 200 of the rare-but-ironically-named common dolphins, who frolicked beside the boat for several miles.